Many of the imprints on children’s hearts are unwittingly imprinted by adults.

Children’s need for activities is almost greater than the need for food.

Children deserve the love of adults, not the love that is left over from adult busy life.

Everything we do to children will bear fruit, affecting not only his life, but also his life.

I saw it, I forgot; I heard it, I remembered; I did, I understood.

All children’s education must be guided by a principle that helps them develop their bodies and minds naturally.

Education is about inspiring life, enriching life, helping children to survive on their own, and helping them develop this spirit.

The progress of a child depends not on age, but on being able to watch everything around him freely.

When children have not yet developed control, “let children do what they want to do” is contrary to the concept of freedom.

Freedom based on rules is true freedom!

The education system is based on the senses, thinking as the process, and with the aim of freedom.

Whoever can’t be independent can’t be free.

Education requires only one thing: self-learning through the inner strength of the child.

It is the first task of educators to inspire life and allow it to develop freely.