Montessori’s teaching method was created by the Italian educator Dr. Maria Montessori. The essence of its teaching method lies in cultivating the spirit of learning and exploration of young children’s self-conscious initiative.

In the Montessori classroom, there are a variety of teaching aids, they are based on the child’s development sensitive period created for children’s development “toys.”

Montessori teaching includes daily life education, sensory education, mathematics education, language education, science and culture education. Children through self-repetition operation Of Monson teaching innovative construction of perfect personality, in the free operation has been multi-faceted ability training.

Daily life education: including basic actions, take care of themselves, take care of the environment, life etiquette, etc., to cultivate daily life self-care ability, as well as mutual assistance, love and other good habits.

Sensory education: cultivates keen senses, and then cultivates the habits and abilities of observation, comparison and judgment.

Mathematics Education: Play math with intuitive teaching aids. Let the child in the operation of learning tools to understand the relationship between number and quantity, feel the joy of the four operations.

Language teaching: let children through the description of the physical, promote the development of language expression ability, while penetrating the text activities, cultivate reading ability, in preparation for writing.

Culture and education: The Montess’ classroom is equipped with animal, plant, astronomy, geography, history, geology and other aspects of teaching aids, so that children in the play to explore the mysteries of science, from macro to micro, to cultivate interest in science.